Our events provide platforms for street dancers of various disciplines to express themselves in the rawest form. This is part of our mission to develop the dance scene in Gloucester and provide opportunities for people of all ages to access dance.


The Jam Festival 
19th - 22nd April 2022

West Country Clash #WCC
23rd April 2022


Swindon Dance, Regent Circus, Swindon, England, SN1 1QF

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Multi Styles Battle (MSB): Saturday 4th June 2022

Multi Styles Battle seeks to unite the world of street dance in Gloucester. It’s about multiple dance styles, to encourage a wide range of dancers to take part. Events are in partnership with and are held at the Gloucester Guildhall, and feature masterclasses with internationally renowned guest artists, performances and a dance battle, with styles such as bboying (breakdance), hip-hop, house and popping. There will also be an 'all styles' category within battles. Morning of the Owl, Alex the Cage, Brooke Milliner and DJ Fayme, are just some of the names that we've had at MSB. 

Every event features a universal and consistent battle format (unless there are varying circumstances). This format involves:


  • Registration: this is used to confirm competitor numbers for the battle and sort the schedule within each category. If you plan to battle, please make sure you attend registration for your category;

  • Preselections: this allows everyone to dance. Every competitor will dance to a randomly selected music track for between 30-45 seconds, from which normally, the judges will select a top 16 or 8 for the battles. If there are not enough dancers in a category, then battles will begin straightaway.


Winners and runner-ups receive prizes. If time permits, winners will have the chance to battle the judge of category they've won. You can sign up on the Facebook event page for the event, while tickets can be purchased online beforehand, or at the venue upon arrival. Check out the video below, from MSB 2019.  See you in June!

Is a battle event right for me?

We seek to work with a diverse range of young people and adults, from beginners to professionals.

Criteria for engagement

For our dance battles, participants should:

  • Be respectful towards judges and other dancers

  • Be available to attend registration and start competing on time.

Most of all, we hope that participants will have fun and enjoy taking part!

West Country Clash (WCC): 18th April 2020

West Country Clash is provided in partnership with The Jam Movement and Swindon Dance, and takes place during the spring, at Swindon Dance. The event is also part of The Jam Festival; an event which commemorates the anniversary of The Jam Movement which started in Bristol in 2009. It is another event run in partnership between The Jam Movement and Swindon Dance, which celebrates hip-hop culture through workshops, events, performances and seminars.


WCC features dance battles, with categories such as b-boying, hip-hop and popping, as well as an all styles category, usually for under 18's. Like MSB, each WCC has a schedule for the day, including workshops with renowned and experienced dancers, allowing participants to improve their knowledge and ability within their desired style. Those wanting to take part are advised to sign up on the Facebook event page for the event, while tickets can also be purchased online before or upon arrival at the venue.

Dance battles at WCC will have a similar format to those at MSB, involving registration, preselections, the battles themselves, judge demos and prizes. 

Gloucester Carnival: Sat 11th July 2019

Your Next Move is a member of the Carnival Arts Partnership, which works to extend the reach, impact and quality of, and diversity of participation in, Gloucester Carnival.The carnival is a community based procession that parades through Gloucester's city centre. It brings together floats and entertainers, before arriving at Gloucester Park, where people can continue on with the celebrations, with live music and a fun fair.


For more information on the carnival, including applying to take part, check out Gloucester Summer of Music, Arts & Culture (SoMAC)Click here to find out more about the Carnival Arts Partnership and our current projects.


King's Jam Festival: Sat 15th & Sun 16th  August 2020

We deliver a dance programme as part of King's Jam Festival, which takes place in the summer, outdoors in Gloucester's city centre. The two-day festival celebrates hip-hop and urban culture, across music, dance and art. We programme a series of performances across both days, including both local and professional acts, in addition to running a dance battle. Some of the acts we’ve programmed include Pro-Motion and BBC Young Dancer finalists Harry Barnes, Jodelle Douglas and Kate Morris. King's Jam Festival has seen many renowned international and national artists perform, including the likes of Belly Squad and Lotto Boyzz.


Run in partnership with The Music Works, it is a free event for visitors. Check out the Facebook page or website for updates.