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Meet The Team

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Founder & Director

Gloucester-born Tyler, inspired by his uncles, transitioned from B-boying to diverse styles like Popping. After graduating from YDA Urban in Swindon, he earned a BPA (Hons) in contemporary dance from the Northern School for Contemporary Dance in 2017. Tyler, a seasoned performer with credits including Breakin' Convention's "Back to the Lab" and venues like the O2 Arena, has graced stages across England. He teaches in schools and founded Your Next Move in 2015, transforming youth aspirations in Gloucester through Hip Hop.




Michelle, an accomplished dancer, studied in Cardiff and graduated with a First Class Dance degree (BA Hons). She brings her passion for dance to her role as a manager at Your Next Move. With diverse experience working with young people from various backgrounds, Michelle oversees program development and ensures smooth operations. Beyond her managerial role, she is a dedicated freelance dance practitioner - her heart is in sharing the joy of dance with others.



Creative Assistant

Saf is not only an accomplished Hip Hop dancer and skilled DJ but also serves as a Creative Assistant at Your Next Move. In this role, she actively contributes to the artistic vision and execution of various projects, collaborating with the creative team to bring innovative ideas to life. Saf's unique blend of expertise in both dance and music enriches the creative landscape of Your Next Move, demonstrating her commitment to fostering artistic expression and innovation within the organisation.

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Lead Marketing Strategist



Breaking Teacher

Banxy, a revered veteran in the B-Boy scene since 1984, boasts a 34-year career as a dancer and choreographer, collaborating with artists like Meat Beat Manifesto, George Michael, and Boy George. Renowned for his Breakdance crew 'The Scarecrows,' Banxy's innovative choreography was a fixture at the UK Breakdance championships from 1995-2000. Beyond performing for royalty and collaborating with Jonzi D since 1998, Banxy has translated his wealth of experience into creating the acclaimed theatre production BUSK, touring to sold-out venues across the UK. He holds a full BA Honors degree in Performance Industries and earned the AMS Award for outstanding music production from the University of Wolverhampton.


Howie 'Action' Jackson


Howie, one of our directors, plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of Your Next Move. As a resident DJ at our flagship Multi Styles Battle events, Howie's musical journey began in the mid-80s when, at the age of 8, he started b-boying and competed in local and national battles. His diverse musical influences, cultivated while growing up with older siblings, and his eclectic taste for music have shaped his DJ career, which started while at University in Birmingham. Since then, Howie has graced numerous events and venues throughout the UK, sharing the stage with artists like Roy Ayers, Foreign Beggars, and Utah Saints. His sets encompass a variety of genres, including soul, funk, rare groove, disco, house, and hip-hop, reflecting his belief that the appreciation of good music radiates good vibes.




JPDL, a UK hip-hop artist, navigates the saturated music scene with a genre-defying approach to rap. Introduced to music by his father, JPDL discovered solace among notes and melodies, fostering a lifelong connection. Songwriting became catharsis, channeling the intricacy of rap lyricism. Transitioning into the heart of the scene, JPDL's rhyming style blends spoken word and rap, anchored in conscious MCing. This fusion defines his spot in the hip-hop landscape, leading to cross-genre collaborations such as "10 Years" with Yogi Beats and Peter Lee. Live performances showcase his studio energy, securing main sets at festivals and supporting renowned acts.

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Vocal Percussionist and Beatboxer

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