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Graffiti Writing

Your Next Move have teamed up with SLAZ to bring you series of Graffiti Writing tutorials.


The videos cover all the basics so are perfect for beginners who are new to Graffiti Writing, but also for those with experience wanting to hone their skills.  

There are a total of 12 tutorials, which will be released over the following weeks. As you work through the videos, you'll learn new skills and progress from simple block writing to pencil shading and different colour techniques.

To take part, you'll need the following materials:

 - pencil

 - ruler

 - black biro

 - eraser

 - selection of felt-tip pens

 - white gel pen (not essential)

 - also it helps to download & print this alphabet sheet to help you get started. 

 - blank alphaebet sheet for tutorial 8 onwards where you'll learn how to create your own straight letter alphabet: click here to download.

This series can also be competed as colouring only activities. Download all the colouring sheets and head straight to the colouring in section of the video to practice shading & blending colours. 

Tutorial #1: Simple Block
Tutorial #3: Lightning Block
Tutorial #5: SECK Study
Tutorial #7: REVLON Study
Tutorial #9: Paying Respect & Thanks to the NHS in this design
Tutorial #11: How to Draw a BoomBox - Basic & Advanced
Tutorial #2: Colour Block
Tutorial #4: Stone Block
Tutorial #6: BLADE Study
Tutorial #8: Create your own
straight letter alphabet sheet
Tutorial #10: Drawing a fat gold chain with a letter medallion
Tutorial #12: Design and Draw a full-colour Masterpiece


SLAZ is a professional illustrator and Graffiti Artist from Cheltenham who has recently graduated with a BA and MA in illustration at the University of Gloucestershire. 


He draws and paints murals for private and commercial use, as well as running drawing, street art and graffiti workshops throughout the area. 


He also likes to collaborate with graffiti writers and other artists, and makes beats & DJ's 90s hiphop for fun in his spare time.


Send your graffiti writing pieces to, or tag us on social media!


Follow us on Instagram @YourNextMoveYNM


It is possible to make a good career as a muralist, or street / graffiti artist.

Many writers and artists have used the skills they learned from graffiti writing / art to become graphic designers,  illustrators, tattoo artists, airbrush artists, and even scuplters!

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