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Welcome to Hip Hop - 2nd June - Gloucester Guildhall

Discover the world of Hip Hop in two days with national and international artists!

Friday 2nd June, Gloucester Guildhall

Take part in workshops in DJing, MCing, lyric writing and graffiti with local, national & international artists.

This is an opportunity for young people to try new things, or develop their current creative skills with professional artists working in the Hip Hop industry.

9:45am - 1:00pm, ages 8-12
1:30pm - 4:45pm, ages 13-16
Gloucester Guildhall, Eastgate Steet, GL1 1NS

The workshops are introductions to:
- Music production & DJing, with DJ Fayme & Khan Fu
- Lyric writing & MCing, with JPDL
- Graffiti, with Juice NazNaz
- Understanding how the different art forms blend within Hip Hop culture!

The cost to take take part is £10 per person, which includes
- Workshops and demos at Welcome to Hip Hop Day
- Speactator entry to Multi Styles Battle street dance event on Saturday 3rd June

Interested? Click here to register your place. Or send an email to Michelle at

If you'd like to talk to us about a free place or subsidised group bookings, please get in touch with Michelle.

Artists & workshop info

DJ KhanFu
Colour photo of DJ KhanFu in the middle of a DJ set
Adil Khan aka DJ KhanFu began deejaying with as a teenager back in 2010. With a background in Breaking, which originally sparked his interest in music, he naturally progressed towards the art of mixing and cutting. Eventually making the move to Manchester, it wasn't long before he was playing all over the city and for Street dance events around the world. Now established as a go to DJ for some of the biggest events, KhanFu is also teaching deejaying to new and up and coming artists. 

In his workshop (alongside Fayme), he will cover music production basics (creating simple drum grooves and using virtual instruments) and then move on to DJ basics (setup, mixing and scratching). By the end of the workshop, participants will have grasped the very basics of song structure and how DJs use those structures to mix music and also create their own songs.

Also catch DJ KhanFu at MSB on Saturday 3rd June, where he'll be providing the soundtrack to the dance battes alongside DJ Fayme!

DJ Fayme
Colour photo of DJ Fayme sitting on a wall & smiling
Fayme is a highly acclaimed DJ and music producer who has made a name for himself in the dance scene. As a DJ, he has played at almost every major event in the dance scene & around the world, including Juste Debout, KOD, and Red Bull Dance your Style. Fayme expanded his horizons and make a name for himself as a music producer. His beats have been used by major brands like Red Bull and Studio Canal, and he has collaborated with artists to create unique and innovative songs. One of his biggest accomplishments was a collaboration with the Grammy-winning hip hop producer Illmind.

DJ Fayme is collaborating with DJ KhanFu to bring us the sountrack for MSB on Saturday 3rd June - get tickets here!

Back & white photo of JPDL witing lyrics
JPDL is a hip hop artist from the UK, having been introduced to the world of music by his father. He has a style of rhyming which walks the line between spoken work and rap, lrycism and MCing. This melding of styles has led JPDL to find a spot in the scene which he calls home! Cross genre collaborations has seen him team up with a range of artists including Rider Shafique, Micall Parkunsun, Baileys Brown & Yogi Beats. His creative partnerships aren’t limited to UK soil either, as demonstrated on Tales From Planet If, which was the brainchild of JPDL and Polish artist, Heron M.W.M.

In JPDL's workshop, participants will learn how to create and recite a completely fresh rap. Working as a group to come up with a subjet matter and craft lyrics, some might want to step in front of the decks and have a go on the mic!

For over 18s, catch JPDL with new band Dub Catalyst at Gloucester Guildhall on Friday 2nd June - happening as part of GloStir Hip Hop Funk & Soul - the perfect pre-cursor to MSB!

Colour portrait photo of Jussara behind a red background
Jussara, AKA Juice Naz Naz, is a multidisciplinary creative with a BA in Graphic Design, previous training in photography, fashion, media and graffiti. She has won awards in sustainable design and entrepreneurialism, design for social change and collaborations with organisations that aim to develop the skills of young people in Gloucester.

In Jussara's workshop, participants will learn the basics of spray paint and create their own graffiti designs.


Supported by Breakin' Convention & Gloucester Guildhall

Logo: Breakin' Convention

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