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Howie 'Action' Jackson


Howie is another one of our directors, helping to ensure that Your Next Move runs smoothly. He is also a resident DJ at our flagship Multi Styles Battle events. His musical journey started in the mid-80s, when at the tender age of 8, he started b-boying. He competed in both local and national battles. Growing up with an older brother and sister, gave him strong musical influences and it also allowed him to pick up an eclectic taste for music, during his life. 


He then started DJ'ing while at University in Birmingham. Since then, he has played at many events and venues throughout the UK, alongside a whole range of artists and DJs, such as Roy Ayers, Foreign Beggars and Utah Saints. He likes to include various musical genres in his sets, ranging from soul, funk, rare groove, disco, house and hip-hop, plus a whole host of sub genres, as he feels that the appreciation of good music, radiates good vibes. 


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