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Tyler Attwood

Founder & Director

Growing up in the city of Gloucester, south west England, Tyler began dancing from the age of 13 after the inspiration of his uncles. After two years of training in the style of B-boying, Tyler then joined local youth dance company, GD:URBAN and Swindon based Youth company, YDA Urban. His interests began to broaden when at these youth companies, he drifted away from B-boying to embrace styles new to him, like Popping. Now a graduate of YDA after 5 years of training, he has evolved as a dancer, expanding his understanding of urban dance and venturing into classical dance, in styles such as ballet and contemporary. Tyler went on to study Northern School for Contemporary Dance, where he graduated from in 2017 with a BPA (Hons) in contemporary dance.


 As a dance artist, Tyler has performed in numerous venues across England. Some of Tyler’s performance accolades include:

  • Depart, choreographed by Yaron Lifschitz

  • Breakin' Convention's 'Back to the Lab'

  • World Skills Event held at the O2 Arena


Tyler’s training has led him to venture into the world of teaching, as he values the passing on of the knowledge in which he has gained to the future generations invaluably. he has taught in numerous primary, secondary schools, community centres and youth clubs in the Gloucestershire area, branching out further into the South West.

In September 2015, Tyler established Your Next Move (formerly Team Multi Styles Battle CIC) – a community interest company whose primary aim is to help raise aspirations of young people through Hip Hop related activity. As Founder / Director, Tyler strives to change the aspirations of young people in Gloucester from that of the floor being the ceiling to the sky being the limit.

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