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Nathan 'Funky 9' McDonald 


Nathan is one of Your Next Move’s associate artists and also a resident DJ at our Multi Styles Battle flagship events. Originally emerging on the Gloucestershire b-boy scene in the late 90s, through his appreciation for hip-hop music and culture, Nathan started out as a DJ, playing for local dancers and events. Although he specialised in hip-hop, he soon widened his scope to include influences from funk, soul and electronica, blending these genres on turntables. From his exposure to the dance community, it was inevitable that he would become a dancer. Starting with b-boying, he soon moved onto popping, which has been his style of choice for several years now.


Through these skills in music and dance, Nathan decided that he wanted to become an active member of his community. He completed a BA in Youth Work and is now a qualified JNC Youth Worker. When he is not DJ'ing or participating in dance jams, he can be found in Gloucester, running various youth projects with a particular emphasis on those that are at risk of social exclusion. Using his skills in dance and DJ'ing as tools of engagement, Nathan encourages those that would otherwise not have the opportunity to get involved in creative outlets, to experience the positive benefits that music and dance can bring, in a safe and warm environment.

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