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DJ Fade is one of Your Next Move’s resident DJs, spinning at all of our flagship events. Fade acquired his first set of turntables in 1993, it wasn't until 1997 though, when he graduated to Technics SL1200s, that he gained confidence to go public. His first live performance was at a DJ battle in the Cotswolds in 1998, where he took 3rd prize. This was after he had been runner-up in a DJ competition on Galaxy 101 (Bristol radio) the previous year. This exposure led to him being approached to spin for B-Boys at his first DJ residency, VITAL, a Hip Hop night held at several venues across Birmingham City. From here, he has continued to DJ at events and promotions across the country.

In addition to DJ performances, he has been involved in various other areas of the music industry. Conducting the first ever interview for Big Daddy Magazine, in 1998, he also won the final of a DJ competition in London in 2003, plus started his first radio show, that same year, the Late Manoeuvres Show, with DJ Action Jackson & Dirty Lyle. He is currently running his own events, WAX & Spin, as well as co-promoting Gloucester's Multi Styles Battle and DJing for recording artist Griz-O."


Check out his page here.

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